Core Values

Character, Courage, Commitment and Compassion are Transformative

At Uvolution we believe that the values of character, courage, commitment and compassion are transformative. They are the cornerstones of a happy, successful and meaningful life. So, we teach them and we practice them.

The goal of the Uvolution experience is to provide participants with a blueprint for long-term success. And to help participants make the right choices – choices that lead to a happy, successful and meaningful life.

Core Values are what ultimately inform all of those choices.

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At Uvolution we go beyond simply offering the opportunity to network with talented, motivated and successful entrepreneurs. Uvolution staff actually facilitate it, by arranging and coordinating introductions.


At Uvolution we believe that life is about more than just money and business. It’s about quality of life. And quality of life requires that we focus on our health, our mindset, our diet - all our needs, wants and desires.


Relationships are essential to leading a happy, successful and meaning for life. And love, our highest aspiration and best self, is impossible in isolation. We all belong to numerous communities. Communities are where we thrive.